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  1. Liked the information on Solar power. I have a very small setup currently but expect to expand it for my home.

    I lost my inverter (cheap Harbor Freight model) and am looking to upgrade to one that will last – any recommendations?

  2. Hi Loren,
    Look on the 2 “Off Grid Accessories” pages of the Off Grid General Store and you will find an assortment of power inverters. There is something there for just about every need and in every price range. Jim

  3. Hi Jim,
    I live in Moore, Oklahoma right now. I’m currently researching places in Oklahoma where if I built a self sustaining home on, I wouldn’t have to worry about any building restrictions, codes, or permits. I’m not having any luck. Did you run into any of this where you’re at? Any pointers on where I might look to find land without any of these restrictions? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Hello and thank you for your comment. There are no restrictions at all where I live. You are going to have to get away from cities to avoid restrictions. Seems like people in cities think they have the right to tell everybody else how to live. Our place is far enough back into the mountains that there is no grid available here. Also, the land prices are less in areas of small populations, the people are friendlier, and there is less crime. Our nearest neighbor is 4 miles on dirt road. You don’t have to get this far out to avoid restrictions, just away from cities and towns.

  5. you mentioned in one of your articles about running an air conditioner from a generator. What kind of a/c unit? I have been searching for one to use from solar power and cannot find anything feasable or affordable. I just want to cool one room. I live in Texas so the summers here are pretty hot.

  6. The unit I run is a 1200 BTU window unit and as you mentioned, I run a generator to power it. The compressor in an A/C unit is very power hungry making it impractical to run on solar. It can be done but would take more panels, larger inverter, and more battery storage than most folks care to devote to A/C (read that as expensive). There are alternatives to A/C that use much less power, such as evaporative coolers. These are more practical for offgrid use without the need to run a generator. We also use 12 volt fans in our cabins which we run sometimes night and day in the heat of the summer. These have a low drain and do not kill the batteries at night. You will find them available in the Offgrid General Store page of this website.

  7. Hi, I really appreciate your time and insights.

    How do you deal with sewage and sanitation being off of the grid. This is one of my concerns prior to making the leap. I being prior military have dealt with this over the course of a year in the Bosnian mountains, but my wife I’m not sure would warm up to the idea of a cold winter trip to the tree.

    Did you install a septic system, and if so what was the process and costs?


  8. Hi Brian,
    We have a regular indoor bath including tub, shower, sink, and commode. The grey water (from sink and bath) is run into a gravel and sand filter then into my blackberry patch. The black water (from commode) drains into a traditional septic system with drain field. My wife also wasn’t enthusiastic about the idea of “taking the shovel for a walk”. As far as cost is concerned, it’s hard to tell what it would cost in your area as costs of equipment will vary. The local regulations for such things also vary. Our water supply is gravity flow coming from a 1200 gal. tank on hillside above the house. I currently fill the tank with a gas water pump. This will eventually be filled by a solar pump from our well. I hope this will answer your question. If you still have questions, ask and I will answer the best that I can. Jim

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    -Scott Matthews Sr

  10. Hi…my wife, Carla, and I recently purchased property in Latimer county and will be working on it in the next few weeks. The previous owners (or perspective owners) left a lot of trash and junk behind, so our first task will be to clean up and beautify the place.

    I have a lot of questions, but the more controversial ones might be best saved for a direct email…we have lived in the country before, but never off-grid. Looking forward to a conversation.

    Thanks for all the helpful information on your site! Still wading through the solar power sections.

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