Are You Prepared?

Considering the recent developments in the news; Riots in Ferguson, Mo., Police misconduct in various places, and now, riots in Baltimore, Md. which may turn out to be worse than previous riots, more and more people are beginning to wonder what kind of measures they can reasonably take to ensure the safety of their families, property, and businesses.
There are no measures an individual can take which will guarantee they will not be affected by events in their neighborhoods. However, there are some things you can do to minimize the danger to your family and possessions;
· Avoid crowds, especially large noisy crowds. People in groups tend to act irrationally in a crises. If you have to travel route yourself around trouble spots. If you cannot avoid the known trouble spots, you may be better off staying where you are.
· Have supplies stashed in your home. You do not want to get caught out grocery shopping while the store is being looted. You also do not want to be needing supplies when the general public is panic shopping for the supplies they need as they do just before hurricanes or other natural disasters occur. This is doubly true of riots. How many supplies you need is up to you but remember, it is always better to have too much than too little.
· Keep a low profile; It is always safer to go unnoticed than to attract attention. Do not appear to have plenty when those around you have little or nothing.
· Always keep fuel in your vehicle; Your car will run just as well on the top half of the tank as the lower half. Never let your car get below half a tank of fuel. If you live somewhere where it will take more than half a tank to get somewhere you need to be then keep it full but travel only if it is absolutely necessary.
· Use common sense and keep cool; The worst thing you can do is panic yourself. Think the situation over and take carefully considered action. Only you know your abilities and you are the one that has to decide what is reasonable for you.
There are many things happening in our society that most of us have never had to deal with before. Most of us have no experience that has prepared us for dealing with the general lawlessness that is happening today. The Police have their hands full and are sometimes part of the problem. No organization is without it’s misfits and ne’er do wells and the Law Enforcement organizations are no exception. Most of the Law Enforcement Officers are good people just trying to do their jobs. Antagonizing them is not going to accomplish anything good.
In light of recent events it is only reasonable to be prepared if riots or unrest occur in your area. Consider your own situation, your abilities, and decide how best to react if such a scenario occurs in your area.

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