Build A Solar Water Heater

People have been building and using solar powered water heaters since the very beginning of civilization and probably even before that. They are so simple and easy to build that almost anyone can build one with much less effort than you might think.

I have designed and built several over the years and it always amazes me how well they work and how easy they are to build. I am surprised that more people and businesses do not use them. Perhaps, if more people knew how easy it is to build a solar powered water heater and how well they work, more people would use them.

A solar water heater can save you as much as 33% on your power bill depending upon how much hot water your family uses. This alone, should be enough to get your attention. The savings of the first or second month will usually pay for the water heater.

Solar water heaters work in warm or cold climates anywhere in the world. They require nothing but free sunlight to operate and they produce no pollution at all. They are in use all over the world and are the perfect solution for those concerned about their carbon footprint, and the pollution produced by electric power plants. The recent melting down of several Japanese nuclear power plants should be a warning to all of us to lessen our dependence on such dangerous methods of producing power.

You can build and install one of these systems in a week end without much effort. All it takes is a few common tools, a few inexpensive materials, and you can have your own solar water heater that will last for years. To discover exactly how you can easily build, install, and use your own solar powered water heater Click Here!






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