Enemy Wasp Nest

Spring, Summer, and Fall around here is a time when we have to deal with wasps of different varieties. They are pesky and always trying to build nests in places where they will be a problem. Since we do not like to use poisons they can sometimes be difficult to get rid of, however Cat has discovered a way to keep them away. It is cheap, effective, and does not involve any kind of poison. It works because most varieties of wasps are highly territorial and will fight to the death against any intruder into their territory.

We have always had wasps around. Mostly Red Wasps and the ones Jim calls “Mud Daubers” because they build mud nests. Since they have mostly hung around the garden and they do kill some garden pests, I wasn’t too worried about the occasional ones that got in the house. This year, however, they started swarming around the cabins in April and were becoming aggressive so I started researching wasp repellents on Amazon. After reading product descriptions and user reviews, this is what I came up with.

1. Wasp traps seem to work best with apple cider and a little dish soap. The dish soap breaks the water tension so the wasps can’t bounce off the surface. They do not stop the wasps from coming around though and may even attract them to the area.

2. Several products of various names are simply bags that you stuff with filler and hang up to mimic an “Enemy Nest” and the wasps will avoid the area. These bags range in price from $6 to $20 on Amazon. The best deal I have found from Amazon is Tanglefoot 300000430 Waspinator  .

Buying the ready to stuff bags from Amazon is good if you are not the DIY type but making them yourself is easy. Since we already had a roll of the generic 30 gallon trash bags, I figured to save the money and make our own Enemy Nests. Pictures below will show you how.

Enemy Wasp Nest 1

Divide a large trash bag into 4 parts and cut into 4 sections.

Enemy Wasp Nest 2

Take the 2 bottom sections and fold loose corners inside forming a triangle shaped bag.

Enemy Wasp Nest 3

Stuff the bag with old plastic bags or other filler.

Enemy Wasp Nest 4

Gather the corners and top to form cone.

Enemy Wasp Nest 5

Tie off at the top leaving enough string to tie up outside.

Enemy Wasp Nest 6

Hang in an area you want to keep free of wasps.

Keep in mind that this method will not kill wasps, just keep them away. Also, you need to clear the area of existing wasp nests as this method will not run them off if they are already established. Knock existing nests down at night before you hang your enemy wasp nest for it to be effective.


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