Kindle  For Off Grid And Emergency Preparedness Use

Ever since Amazon came out with the Kindle Readers, everyone has had the opportunity to possess their own personal and extensive library, cheaply. This is especially significant to those of us that live off grid because these little units can be adapted to be charged with a small solar charger or the cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

A Kindle is ideal for off grid and emergency preparedness use because;

  •  These little units are small and very portable. You can carry a Kindle in your shirt pocket easily and they weigh next to nothing.
  •  As I mentioned, they can easily be adapted to charge with a small solar panel or the cigarette lighter plug in your car.
  •  Even the smaller Kindle will hold up to 1400 books.
  •  You can easily read them even in direct sunlight due to their new screen technology.
  •  You do not need a computer as the Kindles all have built in WIFI and some even have 3G to utilize the cell phone signal to download books.
  •  Some of the models have web browsers for surfing the web and games.
  •  You can take your library with you anywhere you go for reading entertainment or for quick access to your reference library.
  •  Kindle has a vast library of books that you can get free.
  •  You can get one from Amazon for as little as $79.00.

I am not one of the guys that must to have every new gadget that comes along. In fact, I am more likely to resist something new, but considering all the advantages, a Kindle has to be just about one of the most useful and practical gadgets they’ve come up with in a long time.

The Kindles are a good choice for emergency preparedness as well as off grid use. You can keep all your instruction manuals for immediate use anywhere you are and they are handy to keep the kids busy until the power comes back on because they also have some with game capability. Your kids can find hours of amusement with one of these things, that is, when you are not using it.

They make great gifts for anyone on your list (including yourself), and it’s a gift for which the giver will be long remembered and appreciated.

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