More On Offgrid Homestead Security

There is more to know about securing your homestead than can ever be covered by a few articles on a website. My purpose here is to give you a few ideas that will start you thinking about your own homestead security.

Whether it be in a community or deep in the woods there are things you can do to improve the security of your property or home to protect it from vandalism or theft or worse.

  1. Situational Awareness; Pay attention to the unusual. Notice things that are different from normal. Strange vehicles parked nearby or cruising by slowly with driver or others looking over the area, strange faces, people loitering where they have no business, anyone acting strange or suspiciously, all these things can be indications of possible trouble. Pay attention to your animals. They will most likely be aware of anything unusual before you are.

  2. Do Not Advertise; Make sure your valuables are not visible to outsiders. An open window curtain with a large screen TV in front of it is asking for trouble. An ATV sitting in the driveway is likely to invite unwanted attention. Do not leave anything in view of the public that would tempt them to violate your space.

  3. Access; Become aware of all the ways it is possible to gain access to your property. This could be driveway, alley in back, gates in your yard fence, an opening through a neighbor’s property, or any other way a person could approach your property either in a vehicle or on foot. By knowing how an intruder could approach, you can take measures to prevent his entering your property. You can at least make it inconvenient (like planting a thorny bush in his path, blackberries are effective for this as are others). The more inconvenient you make it, the more likely they will bypass your property in favor of something more easily accessible.

  4. Obvious Deterrents; The less inviting your place looks, the less likely you will be bothered. Things like fences with gates, bars on windows, dogs in the yard, anything that would make it hard to get into and out of your place quickly will act as a deterrent.

With the number of home invasions increasing, there is a need to be concerned about preventing anyone forcibly entering your home when you are there. No one likes to think about someone forcing their way into their home so here are some ways you can discourage forcible entry into your home.

  • Locks, Chains, and Bars; Always have the best locks (deadbolt)you can afford and a chain on your doors. A bar across the middle of your door will make it hard to break into. Always have a peep hole in your door so you can see who is knocking. If they will not stand where they can be seen with the peephole, you can expect trouble. Never, ever unlock or open your door if you can’t see who is knocking.
  • Spotlights; Place a bright spotlight above your door under the eaves and aim it to shine on the area in front of your door. Besides being blinded by the light they will be very visible and nobody intent on breaking in wants to be center stage of a spotlight to be plainly seen by everybody. Place this light on a switch you can turn on when someone knocks. The effect of the light suddenly coming on (even in daylight) lets them know they are being observed. This is also a good idea for any ground level windows you may have as someone might try to gain entry through a window. Do not forget the back door as it is less visible than the front.
  • Obstacles; In the event someone does break through your door, obstacles placed on the floor inside the door (allowing room for the door to swing open) will trip them up as they rush into the room, possibly allowing you time to escape or to subdue them if you are so inclined. I prefer a cable stretched tight about knee level just inside the door. The cable will take them down. You need to research local laws before you do this as it is illegal in some places, since it is just effective against a dynamic entry by Police as it is against home invaders. Now that I think about it, a dynamic entry is a home invasion regardless of who does it.

There are many more things you can do that I haven’t mentioned here. You will just have to think about it and decide what is appropriate for you and your situation. I’ve given you some things to think about and some places to start. I’ve read recently that the Supreme Court has decided that it is not the job of the Police to protect you or your property. It is their job to apprehend and prosecute people who have committed crimes. Until that crime has been committed, they have no responsibility. That means it is up to you. Actually, homestead security always has been and will always be up to you.


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