Offgrid Homestead Security #3


                                        Other People;

One of the most common mistakes most people make is to allow other people into their home to view their belongings. It is a good idea to keep in mind that anyone you invite into your home is a potential security risk.

Most of us like to entertain family and friends occasionally. We invite them into our homes and it never occurs to us that we may be opening ourselves up for security problems.

Relatives can be the greatest risk to your home because most are trusted. Many times you will show them things you wouldn’t show a casual visitor. This can be a mistake.

Some of you already know that I make Lee Custom Knives. I recently had my wife’s son (by a previous marriage) visit who has seen the knives and where we keep them.

Before he left he went into the room to change clothes and then left quickly. After he left we discovered he had taken at least 22 new and unused custom knives worth between $4000.00 and $6000.00. Only 2 Bowie knives were left and that was because they were too large to fit into his bag.

Even though the Police in his hometown have the serial numbers of the knives, we’ll never recover them. He now has a new (used) motorcycle that he couldn’t afford.

Some lessons are more expensive than others. I’m sure most folks have items in their homes that are not replaceable like family heirlooms and other personal mementos. Be careful who you let see these items.

The most likely person to take advantage of you and rip you off is someone you trust. Others will not be given access. Be careful who you allow access.

Do not leave valuables where they can be seen by a casual visitor or by someone going through your house to use your restroom. Do not put valuable items where they can be seen through a window or doorway.

This was a hard lesson for us not even considering the value of the lost items or trust for a relative. These knives were the ones I had chosen to keep after a 38 year career of knife making. I am retired and no longer have a shop in which to make knives. A custom knife is a one of a kind item because it is hand made and cannot be duplicated and therefor, cannot be replaced.

Hopefully, by sharing this information, I can give you cause to be vigilant and not have to deal with a similar loss.

Anyone interested in viewing the stolen knives can access the photo bucket page here. These are just some of the knives that were taken.

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