What It Takes To Go Offgrid

I get questions from people every day about what it takes to go offgrid. They just want “a little offgrid cabin in the country” somewhere. I ‘m going to tell you exactly what it takes and most of you aren’t going to like the answer.

Most of the people asking this question are driving a new car that costs them more for payment and insurance every month than I have to live on. They live in a home that costs them thousands of dollars a year for rent or mortgage payment. They spend thousands of dollars for entertainment (movies, cable TV, vacations, restaurant dinners) a year.

Most of these folks have a yearly income that would allow them to easily do or buy anything they want if managed properly. Yet most are having problems getting by payday to payday with most of their money spent before they even get it. Their credit cards are maxed out or nearly so, they have as much debt as the banks will allow, and they have no idea how to get out of the rut they have gotten themselves into.

They have absolutely no idea where they could come up with enough money for that little piece of land with an offgrid cabin on it. All the while they are spending enough money every year to pay for a nice cabin with small acreage. Did you get that? They are spending enough money every year to pay for it and have it free and clear, paid off, theirs free and clear.

Here is the part most folks aren’t going to like; you obviously don’t want that “little offgrid cabin” or you would make the lifestyle changes necessary to get it! People do things according to their priorities. If your priority is for an offgrid cabin, you will make the changes that will allow you to get it. If your priority is to have a new car parked in the driveway of a nice house in the suburbs that is what you will have.

My intention here is not to offend people; it is to make a point. Life consists of choices. The choices we make define us and make us what we are. In this life, I have never gotten something without giving up something else. You will never encounter a situation in life in which you do not have a choice to make. You may not like the choices available to you but you will always have a choice.

You can choose to have that “little offgrid cabin” or you can choose to continue in a lifestyle you have previously chosen and built for yourself.

It took many years for me to discover this for myself and only one year for me to get my own acreage and “offgrid cabin” after the decision was made. It is paid for free and clear and I refuse to bring anything on my place that isn’t paid for when it gets here.

It is your choice to make; you can have that “little offgrid cabin”, or not. It is entirely up to you.