Offgrid Homestead Security

Homestead security is becoming a concern for everybody, both on the grid and offgrid. Whether you live in town, a rural area, or deep in the woods, you want your possessions for which you’ve worked so hard to be safe from being stolen or vandalized by human or animal.

There are some simple, and relatively inexpensive deterrents you can use to keep people honest and animals at bay. How much you are willing to spend on deterrents is going to depend upon how serious you are about preventing the theft or vandalism of your property.

  • Fences; One of the most obvious deterrents is a sturdy fence. Any fence will make it harder for an outsider to access your property. Web wire or chain link works best for smaller animals and also people. If you live in a populated area, there may be some restrictions on the type of fence you are allowed to have.

  • Visibility; Human as well as animal intruders do not like to be visible. Large shrubs, trees, or other objects around your doors and windows are not a good idea as they provide hiding places and cover for anyone breaking into your house or tool shed.Motion activated solar lights are inexpensive and will give humans or animals second thoughts when they come on and light up the area. These lights can be placed to light up an entire area, are not affected by power outages, and are perfect for an offgrid homestead.

  • Dog; Even a small dog can make noise and attract a lot of attention, something any intruder will take into consideration when thinking about violating your space. A large dog, or 2 or 3, will deter any but the most determined intruder.

  • Locks; It has often been said that “locks only keep honest people honest”. I beg to differ with that as an honest person isn’t going to be trying to gain access to places where he is not welcome. One thing is sure though, it will slow down anyone trying to enter your home or tool shed,and that is a good thing.

  • Woman With A Shotgun; This is the absolute best deterrent known to mankind.

OK, so I added that last one in an attempt at humor. Although, anyone that doubts the deterrent value of a woman with a shotgun has never had to face one.

All of the things listed above are self sustaining, meaning they require no outside power to work, and are quite well adapted to the offgrid homestead or power down situation.

The purpose of this article is to start you thinking about your home and how you can protect it from theft or vandalism. There are many other things you can do and many other ways to make your place less desirable to anyone or anything with the idea of committing mischief.

The most inexpensive and effective of these methods are the motion activated solar lights. They work equally well whether you are at home or not, asleep or not, and require no maintenance.